About Stem Cells Group


Global Stem Cells Group’s corporate mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine become a reality for patients around the world. We’ve brought together six operating companies, each focused on the cutting edge of healing with stem cell treatments into one global network. Each of the companies has a different mission and each company has based its mission on authentic and proven research and science.

Global Stem Cells Group Ownes and Manages Subdivision Groups:


Stem Cell Training Inc. is a biotechnology stem cell training company that specializes in sharing the latest hand-on techniques and technologies with physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals through its instructional courses, workshops, and seminars.

Stem Cells TrainingStem Cell Training Inc., is a multi-dimensional Company that offers courses in 35 cities spanning the globe. Our courses focus on the minimally invasive technique of harvesting stem cells from Adipose tissue or bone marrow, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma techniques. Our multi-day training courses are effective, efficient and comply with the highest standards around the world.

Our mission is to instruct doctors on regenerative medicine fundamentals, so they can provide ground breaking therapies to patients. We believe cellular medicine is a major advancement in disease care and will change the face of medicine.

Our courses graduate doctors who will make stem cell therapies a readily accessible option for patients. Don’t miss out this exciting opportunity to launch your practice into the 21st century.


Cellgenic provides education and counseling to patients who are considering stem cell medicine as an alternative treatment for various ailments.

Cellgenic is an international medical practice company focused on providing comprehensive medical solutions for adult stem cell treatments and research. Cellgenic has assembled a comprehensive Medical staff of specialist professionals who are trained in the latest and most cutting edge of cellular medicine.

We are dedicated to provide the finest medical solutions to help improve your health and quality of life. Cellgenic constantly investigates, shares. utilizes and integrates the latest protocols in the adult stem cell arena to provide the best medical solutions for our patients. Cellgenic, is committed to identify the leading treatments in the field, and then train our practitioners with trainers who have an impeccable scientific background so we can offer these therapies to their patients.


Tools to practice Regenerative Medicine in a Medical Office setting. Adimarket is an online store where qualified physicians can find equipment, supplies and miscellaneous supplies necessary to perform in-office adipose derived stem cell procedures.

Adimarket Inc. is a Division of The Global Stem Cells Group, was started with a simple idea:
The idea to provide physicians and other health care professionals with the necessary tools to practice Regenerative Medicine in a Medical Office setting.

We believe in the impact the practice of Stem Cell Medicine will have in a doctor’s office and we provide the right tools to doctors that help them focus on providing their patients with these amazing new technologies.


Global Stem Cell Foundation
The Global Stem Cell Foundation is committed to promoting world-class stem cell therapy research and development to improve patient health and increase longevity. We are providing a platform for physicians around the world performing stem cell treatments to interact and collaborate, we are developing an internal proprietary database of information collected from physicians around the world performing stem cell treatments to identify best practices and areas of needed development for clinical trials, and we are funding research on stem cells worldwide.


The StemCell Center is our medical practice platform for a worldwide network of respected physicians who provide stem cell solutions within their practice. They have been trained in our protocols and work together to provide research driven education, counseling and treatments to patients.


Stem Cell Symposium
Through our stem cell symposium conferences, we provide latest breakthroughs, practical knowledge, effective treatment modalities and skills for the practicing physicians. Find out how you can be a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee at one of our conferences.